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Story of Nutrigamy MicrogreensI Chennai's First Microgreen Agri-Start-up

This is the inspiring story of Loganathan selvam , Lawerence Kalvin and Kumar Loganathan Elbow Engineers pvt ltd who together launched Nutrigamy as a micro-green farm startup and as an alternative to provide micronutrient-rich food to people. Speaking of Nutrigamy, it is one of the first kind of urban micro-green farm in Chennai who are determined to stop consuming toxic and chemical food products.In the era of covid, Nutrigamy growers aim to give the growing consumer micro-greens intake and to promote sustainable food cultivation across India and around the world.

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VOLTRIX is a sustainable lifestyle brand, which focuses on reducing 248 million tons of CO2 emissions

Sustainable Manufacturing Method for E bicycle

What does Voltrix do differently?

Why do we love cycles? They are good for us as well as for the environment.
What Voltrix does differently is in its manufacturing. Each component is designed and manufactured with minimal impact to the environment almost to the point of being carbon neutral.

Our belief 
In essence, our cycles are not just eco friendly when running, they are eco friendly since birth

Atmospheric water Generator

Air is the second-largest source of water in the world. Our device utilizes this untapped potential to Produce pure drinking water anywhere with Relative Humidity as low as 20%

The device works by drawing in air, after which condensation of vapour takes place inside a specially designed patented technology which has the ability to harness water even in adverse climatic conditions.

Elbow's machines are simple and eco-friendly. Whether household versions the industrial models, it is a plug and use solution requiring training. Instructions on how to change filters and maintain it are provided with the installation of the machine.

Elbow’s Industrial-scale solutions can potentially service millions around the world, eliminating their need to “hunt” for water every day, providing water independence and social stability to women.

•This product won first place in TATA Social Enterprise Challenge in Jan 2018 held at Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Winner of LAKSHYA 2018 - A National Level Business Plan Competition

•Presented  to Thomas George Senior Adviser (Urban, Mobility and Connectivity) Division of Data, Research, and Policy UNICEF, New York

•Incubated by IIM Calcutta

•Presented to IAS Officers in India

 Congratulated by US Consulate Chennai 


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Catche Must-quit-o

Unlike mosquito repellents, this device attracts and traps mosquitoes, while keeping the users free from mosquito bites. This device was awarded – ‘Best Business Plan of the year’ by IIT- Madras.


Team Elbow has won many prestigious awards including,” well written business plan” award from CEO’s of TATA Motors, TATA Steel, and TATA consultancy services in PANIIT 2008, and Secured first place in Business plan contest with MBA Degree conducted by LIBA.etc.( For Catche )

Rocket Propulsion

By using rapid ionization and de-ionization, he developed a rocket propulsion system that ran without fuel. It was powered by air.


Aim of Project is to use inspiration obtained from Tesla’s work to come up with an innovative method for Rocket propulsion. A simple description of what we’re trying to achieve would be to use the ionization & deionization of fuel to provide a thrust facilitated by means of magnetic repulsion of the former with the latter. The method has its application in modern aerospace technology where a lot of research is being carried out so as to reduce the overall weight of the spacecrafts. Not only does our method of rocket propulsion guarantee a drastic reduction in overall weight, it also performs with a greater efficiency as compared to conventional rocket propulsion methods. The reduction in weight is because of the fact that our fuel is air. Yes, air.

We aim to achieve with 87 kilograms of air, what hundreds of tones of rocket fuel does. 

Won an award in NIT Surathkal Secured first place in Student Innovators

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Prosthetic Arm

Kumar always wished to provide a helping hand, so he did, literally. He developed an artificial arm that could be used by arm-amputees. By tapping brain signals and interpreting them into actions, the arm would respond to the wearer’s thoughts. This invention brought him many accolades and an award from the then Science and Tech Minister of India – Shri Kapil Sibal.


The year 2007 saw many children fall into open bore-wells. Prince, was such a child that was stuck inside for 5 days!

Kumar developed a device – Talon, inspired from the claw of an eagle that could go into a bore well hole and pull the child out effortlessly. This could be operated from outside through a remote control and had in-built cameras for effective maneuvering.

This effort was also mentioned in the Tamil movie ‘Aramm’.



It is based on the principle of electronically controlled mechanical scanning.

Image, so formed can be viewed from all angles, just like a true object which is existing right in front of our eyes.

Two important aspects to be considered are  speed of rotation and the rate of scanning.

The prototype we have designed does not require smoke or any harmful laser radiations.


To identify ultrasonographic images 

scanning machines with their probes placed at 120 degrees



Guidance systems for visually challenged

While watching a blind relative fumble with a walking stick, Kumar offered him sympathy and received scorn in return. His relative needed an assistant, an assistant that would not sympathize, empathize, judge or be impatient.

And so, BAT-I was born.

Mimicking the echo-location mechanism that a blind bat uses to get its bearing, he developed a device that helped blind people sense obstacles in their path and provide them guidance towards their destination.

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Getting award from Department of Science


Activation of brake system using Eye movement (Accident prevention mechanism)

While travelling on a public bus, he noticed that the bus driver’s eyes darted to and fro causing him to miss important signs on the road. This led him to develop the ABSE – a system that monitored the driver’s eyes. If a driver were to fall asleep, fall unconscious or look away from the road for a period of time, the brakes would get applied slowly, bringing the automobile to a stop. This prevented road accidents due to lack of attention and driver’s ill-health.

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